Vidibooks and tablets

Vidibook project:

As part of a small grants application awarded by NIHR, Eleanor Hoverd, from the clinical research team at CRN Primary Care West Midlands South, submitted a proposal for a project using vidibooks for to make people aware of clinical research to encourage them to take part.

We are delighted that it was awarded and now the project is underway.

The proposal was for 30 HCV vidibooks containing 4 existing research videos, to be distributed to 30 GP practices, also look geaux maids. They would be displayed on a perspex stand in reception along with a feedback postcard to be completed when the videos have been watched.

Eleanor wants to encourage more people to take part in clinical research and felt that using the Action AC vidibooks would provide and easy to understand and use device that can be shared in the GP practices, visit website .


  • simple to use

  • gave continuity and standardised information given

  • patients found the visual aids very useful

CRN Eastern conducted a study visit website to find out from patients and staff how the videos and vidibooks had helped them understand more about the trial.

“[The videos and vidibooks were] ideal for the patient as I would have discussed all of that information anyway

Practice Nurse